Pocket size ECG recorder ECR-1


The ECR-1 is the smallest and most economic ECG recorder currently on the market.
It records, stores and evaluates the standard ECG parameters.
It records signals from both standard clinical ECG leads and from chest leads
using a Wilson central terminal.

It is easy to obtain the output data from the ECR-1 using four methods:

  1. Visual display with the built-in LCD,
  2. Acoustic modem using a common telephone line to another ECR-1 device or to a stand alone modem,
  3. Analog output to a traditional ECG recorder to print recorded signals onto chart paper,
  4. Digital output via serial RS232 interface to Personal Computer using the ECR1 software.

The Windows based software for view, print and data storage:

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ECR-1, Demo software: demoecr1.exe (Demo for Windows,273kB)  
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