Moisture meter for leafes type GL2M

(Dielectric constant and thickness meter for thin layers,

particulary for moisture content in leafes of tea

(whole and crushed), tobacco and a lot of others.....!

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Moisture meters type Super CHTM2

(The device for measuring moisture content, density and temperature

of bulky materials - cereals, vegetables, oleaginous plants,

flowers, forest trees and many more....)

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Multi Sensor Measuring Unit type MSU-301

( CREATED IN 2016 ! )

Hall meter of permanent and alternate magnetic field,

with 3-ax measuring probe and broadband analog output.

Measuring ranges: 2000,0mT....0,20000mT; resolution 10nT.

Digital bandwidth 50kHz, analog bandwidth 500kHz.

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Smart Magnetic Sensor type SMS-102

(The most economic Hall Meter currently on the market)

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Electro Cardio Recorder type ECR-1

(The most economic ECG recorder currently on the market)

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Computerized Cavendish Balance

(The torsion pendulum with unique sensitivity)

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Multiresonance minispectrometer type NEQ-5

(Pulse and CW mode NMR, ESR, NQR)

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