Pocket size Smart Magnetic Sensor

The Hall Meter type SMS-102

Probes for Axial or Transverse magnetic fields

Ranges (AC, DC): 2000.0mT, 200.00mT, 20.00mT, Auto

Analog and Digital output interface

4+1/2 Digit LCD readout

Auto shut-off

The pocket size Smart Magnetic Field Sensor is unique for the features offered. The Sensor will measure axial or transverse magnetic fields up to 2000.0 mT, and can be set for Auto range. However, if one of the 3 manual ranges is selected, an analog output of 2.5 volts for FSD in 1024 steps of each range is possible, making it easy to use with a computer interface.

With the 4+1/2 Digit LCD readout you can use the sensor as a stand-alone magnetic field meter.In addition, the sensor is provided with an USB bidirectional digital interface so you can connect it directly to the serial port of your computer.

An EEPROM inside the probe has been programmed for temperature compensation of non linearity error. Following the patented method the unit removes temperature effects of magnetic sensitivity, resistive residual voltage and also all magneto resistive effects. The unit can also be re calibrated easily if necessary wit help of optional zero gauss chamber.

The Windows based software for view and data recording:

Contact to ASONIK or TEL-Atomic

Specification of the Smart Magnetic Sensor:

Measurement Ranges:
  • 19.999 mT, 1mT resolution
  • 199.99 mT, 10mT resolution
  • 1999.9 mT,  0.1mT resolution
Measured value mode:
  • constant magnetic Field in [mT]
  • alternated magnetic field {up to 500Hz} in rms [mT]
Maximum measured value:
  • the total measured value < [DC + 1.41AC] compounds
Magnetic Field Sensor:
  • hall effect GaAs type sensor
Measurement Probes:
  • axial and radial,
  • 12.5mm long,
  • 100cm cable with 9 pin "D" type male connector
DC Range Accuracy:
  • 0.5%
AC Range Accuracy:
  • 2%
Range selection:
  • manual
  • auto
Digital interface:
  • USB interface
  • USB mini socket
  • digital data format: ASCII: "",X,X,X,X,".",X,X,"m","T","CR","LF"
  • caution: the digital interface works constantly
Analog interface:
  • 2.5V max. range output signal, 1024 steps per range,
  • 3,5mm mono jack socket (option)
Measuring utilities:
  • manual zeroing of the hall sensor offset by placing the probe in to the "Zero Tesla Chamber"
  • manual setting of the offset readout for the current measured field
  • manual or automatic range selecting for both AC and DC value compound
  • automatic cache the "last used" range and mode in the non volatile memory
User buttons:
  • Power: on / off
  • Measurement mode: ac / dc
  • Measurement range: 2000.0mT, 200.00mT, 20.00mT, auto
  • Offset: readout offset
  • Zero: sensor zero
Power Off:
  • manual or auto after 10min.
Power On:
  • manual
Total weight:
  • 200g (including batteries)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
  • 120mm x 75mm x 35mm
  • 4+1/2 digit LCD
Readout frequency:
  • about 2,5Hz
Internal supply:
  • 4 x R3 (AAA) type cells

Download the instruction manual (33kB)

Download the software instruction (23kB)

Download the obsolete installation software for RS232 version (238kB)

Download the installation software for USB version (2.07MB)

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